We train people to have the skills to be outstanding in their professions.


Our approach for all clients is to firstly understand their business objectives and the challenges or issues they face in achieving those objectives. Once we can understand these, we determine how we could work with our clients to develop a strategy to address the issues that prevent them from operating at peak performance. We do not have off-the-shelf training programs, as there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf problem. Our clients choose us because we understand their business and deliver tailor made solutions to their business communication problems.


Our training courses are experientially designed. We

– Simulate genuine business interactions (Experience)
– Facilitate feedback to enable self-awareness (Reflecting)
– Inject subject matter expertise and technique (Subject Matter Expertise)
– Provide opportunities to apply new insights and skills (Deciding / Applying)
– Coach for sustained knowledge transfer (Transfer of Learning)


IMPACT has agents and partners throughout the world to provide our clients with a wide array of expertise and language capabilities.

IMPACT Corporate Training